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Why you Should Shop Regularly for Insurance

By human nature we love to have the latest and greatest. From technology to fashion we are always looking for something new. We love having something new and even better, at a great price. Why should your insurance be any different? In short, it shouldn’t! People often view shopping for policies to be confusing and tiring. We aren’t sure what is best for us and we would rather purchase once and move on. But let me ask you, would you do that with your laptop? No. It runs out of space and at some point does not fit all of your needs and wants. So naturally, you shop. Read on to learn more about the importance of shopping for policies frequently and how to do it efficiently.

Auto Insurance

If you own a car, then you know that having insurance is not a suggestion. You have to make sure that the policy is catered to you and your lifestyle. For example, things are different if you commute 3 miles versus 30 miles to work. It will also depend on whether you drive a used 2003 Mazda or a brand new Tesla. These are all factors that contribute to your insurance rate and should be considered before you take cookie cutter coverage. Another factor that people forget about is the benefits offered by the insurance company. We all have heard the commercials about the safe driver discount, but there are some options that are even more creative. When I was in college, my auto insurance rewarded me with a monthly discount for good grades. If you feel your rate is consistently going up or that your coverage was not as helpful after getting in an accident, make sure to shop again. Insuravita makes this easier than ever!

Health Insurance

There are several things to consider about your health insurance. What is your health profile and how much care do you receive on average? It is virtually impossible these days to go without it, so you might as well try to get the best deal out there for you. The best deal does not mean the cheapest coverage; it means the best coverage and the best price for your needs. Your health changes as you age for several reasons. You may need more surgeries, more physicals, or more preventative treatment as you age. Your insurance policy may not consider these changes if you have had the same policy from the age of 15. Changes in life mean changes in health insurance coverage and rates. After having children for instance, you need to find coverage for all of the visits that come with having children. From initial doctors visits to pediatric care, you insurance should cover you and your children for a full spectrum of care.

The Takeaway

By frequently checking you will be able to stay up to date with the latest industry trends and the best times to shop for your policies. For instance, open enrollment if you are not covered by an employer. Get smart quotes and get better coverage for you. As your life changes, so should your insurance coverage. It is not a one size fits all.

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