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Uninsured Drivers

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Uninsured Drivers

The law requires auto insurance. As a matter of fact, state minimum coverage varies, but drivers must have some type of protection while on the road. Uninsured drivers take a big risk every time they climb behind the wheel.

The Consequences

First of all, legal action results from being pulled over and not having insurance. These include a citation, fines, and possibly suspensions. Similarly, if you are in an accident and are responsible in any way, you face many problems. You will pay out-of-pocket for any damages and medical bills caused by the crash. Furthermore, it will be on your driving record.

Moreover, lawsuits can come about. The other driver can sue you for vehicle damage of personal injury. Consequently, being broke provides no safety. So do not think you are protected by the fact that you have no money to give. If you can’t pay, your assets will likely be seized. Is it really worth your home being taken from you to save $100 per month?

Additional outcomes include license suspensions, vehicle registration suspensions, tickets, and large fines. And, of course, you will have higher insurance rates when you do get auto insurance. So, you are merely forcing yourself to pay more in future.

Uninsured Drivers

In addition to the personal costs to you, uninsured drivers pose a great risk to all drivers. Uninsured drivers threaten the safety of all of us on the road. In 2015, 1 in 8 drivers was uninsured according to the Insurance Research Council. Drivers who have no insurance cause many problems for themselves and others. Do not be one of these!

Be proactive and do not let your auto policy lapse! Making payments automatically can help you avoid your coverage being dropped for nonpayment.

You could also pay yearly instead of monthly. Basically, this guarantees you a full year of coverage with one payment. This is much easier to keep track of than monthly payments, but it can be tougher on your budget. On top of making sure that you are always covered, be sure to keep proof of insurance with you when driving. Overall, remember to drive responsibly! Driving without coverage is not a gamble you want to take. Take a few moments to get a quote and find a policy that fits your needs. You will be glad you have it when the time comes. At the end of the day, it is the only protection against other uninsured drivers. At least you know you are covered.

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