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Top 5 Things to Look for When Purchasing Motorcycle Insurance

Getting a motorcycle can be one of the most exciting and thrilling purchases you make. There are so many benefits to riding a motorcycle, such as reduced traffic, easy parking, space efficiency and feeling the wind in your helmet! However, there can be a lot of risks to owning and riding a motorcycle. That is why purchasing a top tier motorcycle insurance policy can help protect you, your bike and the other drivers and riders on the road. In this article, we will be reviewing the top 5 things that you should be looking for when you go to purchase a motorcycle insurance policy. Not every policy is created equal and your needs are Insuravita’s top priority.

1) Make sure that you have coverage for instances like accidents with uninsured riders or drivers.

Too often, motorcycle owners think they can get away with buying the minimum policy or not buying one at all. Do not let the idea of “I only ride it a few times a month” be the reason you decide to get cheap and insufficient coverage. Insurance is not only highly recommended; it is the law to operate a motor vehicle in the United States. However, we know that there are still so many people on the road that do not have insurance. Make sure that you are the responsible person should an accident occur.

2) Look for the rewards through potential insurance companies

If you pride yourself on being a safe rider and know that you could set some rewards for safe speeds and no collisions, then definitely put the time in and research which companies honor this. More often than not, insurance companies will offer safe rider and driver discounts, because it actually saves them money in the long run. So go get the more expensive full coverage and earn some cash back for good behavior!

3) Consider your surroundings

There are so many factors to consider when purchasing a motorcycle and deciding if it will be your main source of transportation. If you plan to only ride a motorcycle to work and in everyday life, make sure that you purchase an umbrella policy that will cover damage to the motorcycle, weather complications, replacements due to weather or natural disaster, etc. If you live in a more rural area and closer to work, you may be putting less miles on the motorcycle and therefore do not need certain aspects of a policy. Consider where you live and what you will expose your motorcycle to.

4) Look for bundles

There are a lot of motorcycle owners that happen to own cars, homes, or boats too. Take a look into your policy and see if there is a bundling option for your coverage. This option would help you save money and get full coverage options at a more affordable rate.

5) Personal Injury Protection

Listen, we aren’t trying to be a downer, but, statistically, motorcycles are a more dangerous form of transportation. So please do us a favor and make sure to purchase an insurance policy that has umbrella coverage that includes personal injury. This would be in addition to any health insurance you may have and can help with medical costs or hospital stays. Due to the high risk factor, this is sometimes the hardest coverage to come by. Use insuravita to help you find the right coverage and fast!

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