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Three Ways to Save Money on Home Insurance

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

The process of purchasing a home is lengthy and full of difficult financial decisions. The goal is to get the home you want and also save money. Finding the perfect home in a safe area is a challenge but always worth all the work in the end. You trust that this new home will protect you and your family from the dangers of the outside world. You hope that it will withstand bad weather, theft, and supporting a growing family. More recently, your home has given you a sanctuary to safely shelter in place. We trust our investment in our home is a wise one that will better our lives. So, make sure that you protect this investment with an affordable home insurance policy. Below are the top three ways you can save money on home insurance.

Get Quotes

Just as you toured homes to find the perfect fit, you should be touring different policies and insurance companies. Each policy is unique and each company can offer you something different. Pay attention to the coverage and the pricing. The first tip to save money is to do your homework. By shopping around, you could save up to 1,000 dollars on your home insurance policy. The shopping process can become tedious, so make sure you use a site like Insuravita to organize your needs and research. Insuravita offers an easy way to search for a policy that fits your specific needs.

Bundle to Save Money

The second way to save money is through bundling. If you are purchasing a home insurance policy, odds are that you are in need of another type of insurance coverage. Often, people will bundle their home and auto policies to save money and make the insurance process so much more user friendly and easy to navigate. Several insurance companies offer bundle services alongside loyalty programs and discounts. When you bundle your home and auto, for example, there are often incentives offered. Insurance companies want your business and it makes it easier for them to provide better coverage for you.

Ask Questions

The final way to save money is to ask the important questions. If you were buying a home, you would look at the interior for any issues like mold and damage and especially the foundation. You would ask questions about the area, the neighbors, and safety. You should have the same level of questioning when it comes to choosing your insurance policy. There is an old saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. If you ask the questions and advocate for yourself and your coverage, you will probably get valuable information about discounts, bundling options, and monthly savings.

Summarizing How to Save Money

All of these tips will guide you to the right home insurance policy and the best fit for your needs. When you are researching insurance policies, it can be overwhelming. To avoid the overload of confusing information, make sure to keep track of your needs and what you think your needs could evolve into. For example, do you envision moving or growing your family soon? Gather as many quotes as you can and review the top fits for you. Insuravita has several resources to get your personalized quote.

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