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The Reason Why You Need Car Insurance Might Surprise You

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Do you really need car insurance? Some people might be willing to take the risk of driving without it. There are many reasons why you need car insurance. Even if you consider yourself a safe driver, you are always at risk. Many things can affect your driving ability such as stress, lack of sleep, and emotional distress. For example, doctors’ schedules require them to work night shifts and pull double shifts where they are deprived of sleep. They might end up driving home after working 24 hours straight. When you add in the stress and emotional effects of their job, even their driving ability can be impaired. Without knowing it, we might be putting ourselves or others at risk. Therefore, comprehensive car insurance is very important for everyone. It is worth the costs to be fully protected on the roads. Here is a breakdown of all the reasons.

To Abide by State Laws

The first reason to have car insurance is that it is a legal requirement. Every U.S. state has particular laws guiding it on insurance policies and limits. Some laws are specific to a region, while others are not. Regardless, every state has a minimum auto liability coverage which drivers are expected to purchase. If they fail to obey this policy, there can be many consequences. For example, when they are involved in an accident, the driver may be left with no other option than to pay from their pockets directly. Depending on the damage, the cost can be thousands of dollars.

To Protect and Keep Yourself Safe

The second reason is to protect yourself. A lot of people drive around without auto insurance even though the liability coverage is a legal requirement. When you are properly insured, it goes beyond just a legal requirement; it covers your medical bills. Even if you get into an accident with an uninsured driver, your insurance will be able to take care of all your medical treatments and the property damage incurred in that event.

Protect Your Passengers

Another reason is to protect the people who get into your car. With the rising costs of medical treatment across the country, no one wants to go to the hospital. Sometimes, we do not have a choice. Still, we cannot always cover the cost of our medical bills. However, with PIP (personal injury protection) drivers can secure medical treatment for themselves and their passengers. In the event of an accident, you would not have to worry about covering medical bills, surgeries, medications, etc.

Protect Your Finance and Future

A final reason is to protect your finances and safeguard your future. When an accident occurs, if legally proven, you can be held responsible for all the costs incurred which are associated with the damage. The costs may include the injured person’s compensations, medical bills, legal fees, damages to the vehicle, and any other claimed damage. By law, you would be required to pay all these and possibly more if you’re found legally responsible. If you do not own financial liability coverage, you would be forced to pay this out of your pocket directly. If you’ve had life savings or if you’ve budgeted your money to be directed into something more productive, this can be a major setback for you. In conclusion, don’t take the risk. Secure auto insurance coverage and know that you are protected on the road. It’s worth it.

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