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The New Mental Health Crisis: Health Insurance & Telemental Health

If dealing with Covid 19 and its complicated variants, Delta and Omicron, were not enough for a population over the past 2 years, the fall out may be even worse. The way to prevent the spread, isolation, in some ways, can be worse than the disease. Data shows that mental health issues are increasing and leading to a rise in habitual drug and alcohol use. Adolescent girls’ suicide attempts are up 51% and that of boys is up 4% in 2021. Overdoses have increased 30% during the pandemic. Our medical care system is stretched to its limits with the Covid 19 virus and that has left these life altering, if not shattering, health issues to go somewhat unattended.

Addiction & Mental Health Issues

Alcohol and drugs seem like an escape from life’s overwhelming challenges but they frequently lead to the end of life. The day will come when Covid 19 and its many variants have come and gone but the side effects will last a lifetime. With resources stretched, we have to take the torch up ourselves and look for the signs and signals that show us that someone we love is in trouble and needs help. We need to look for the warning signs that someone is in too deep and needs a helping hand up. These signs can be:

  1. Isolation. Always alone and not wanting to see anyone. With Covid, the fear of others has driven this compulsion to new heights.

  2. Anger and irritation. Every expression or feeling seems to be over the top for the situation.

  3. Unkempt appearance and apathy. Not bathing for days, not doing normal hygiene. Essentially, showing a profound lack of caring for oneself.

  4. Bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils for drug use.

  5. Bruises or infections that denote needle marks.

  6. Lethargy.

  7. Depression. Lack of interest in family friends or things that used to bring joy.

  8. Sudden changes in social networks. Online presence stops or is deleted.

  9. Financial problems.

  10. Involvement in criminal behavior.

The Benefits of Telehealth

When we see these signs, we need to look for ways to get help. Right now, one great way for people to seek help is by using telehealth therapy sessions that allow you to attend from the comfort of your own home. Every insurance carrier offers these telehealth visits due to the pandemic, and they may be the greatest ally to help someone start to grapple with negative coping mechanisms before it is too late. A lot of people fight getting help because they feel ashamed or overwhelmed or unsure what to do. This service makes it easy and simple for someone to connect and get help and even referrals when needed for further help. We are literally talking about saving someone’s life and maybe even the lives of those around them.

Insurance & Telemental Health

Since addiction and depression are not easily seen, the victims are hiding in plain sight, invisible victims. Taking advantage of telemental health services can make a big difference. If you think you would benefit from talking to a mental health professional, do not hesitate to find out what your insurance plan will cover. You can easily set up an appointment online and provide your insurance information to calculate your co-pay. Often, these can be as low as $20 per session. You can read profiles and consult with therapists to find the right fit for you.

Importance of Telemental Health

It can be intimidating to say that we need help, but, remember, it is a show of strength. It is a sign that you are advocating for yourself, taking responsibility for your health, and striving towards holistic wellness. If you know someone who may be in need of these services, try to share resources with them. Sometimes, it can just start with sharing that you have seen so much value in it for yourself and you think counseling is helpful for anyone, regardless of any mental health issues. We all have a mind, and, therefore, we all have mental health. It is important that we take care of it the best that we can… for ourselves and our loved ones.

If you are looking to change your health insurance plan or start a new one that is a better fit for your health and mental health needs right now, we can help. Let Insuravita generate quotes for you to compare today. Just click HERE!

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