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The Importance of Home Inspections and Home Insurance

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Every home is different, even if they have the same design. Therefore, every insurance policy is created differently. Choosing a home insurance policy is extremely important in the home ownership process. Protecting your investment and your shelter for you and your family is essential. So how does the home insurance policy process work? We know that there are several options and companies to choose from and it can become really confusing. You may not have thought much about home inspections before, but you will now.

First and foremost, keep your priorities in mind when looking over policies. Make sure that it covers all the unique needs that your home has. Some homes are older than others, located in higher risk areas, or have more property than others. These differentiating factors may cause your insurance company to require a home inspection to provide you with a policy. Read on to learn more about how you can prepare for a home inspection and get the policy you deserve.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home insurance inspection is used to evaluate the state of the home and essentially create a home insurance policy that is realistic. An insurance policy has the purpose of protecting the owner from potential hazards and issues with the home that coils cause more loss to the owner’s investment. Insurance companies will not always require a home inspection but you can elect to have a home inspection to potentially get a better deal on your home insurance policy. The lower the risk and the less amount of hazards, the more cost effective the policy will be.

What Homes Typically Need an Inspection?

If your home is over the age of 25, insurance companies may want to take a close look at the condition of the home. Some issues that the insurance company may be looking for are the overall costs to replace the entire home. This includes the cost of labor and materials, as well as, the time to rebuild the home. Along with the overall cost of the home, insurance companies are looking at the condition of the property. Surprisingly, the pride of ownership is a big part of the inspection. The insurance company wants to make sure that the owner takes care of their home and prioritizes its upkeep and maintenance. So, you should fix the small issues and make sure your home is well kept.

What Can You Expect from the Process?

First of all, an inspector will come out to your home and spend around 30 minutes or less evaluating your home. This process includes extensive notes, photos and even videos of the home. They will show their company the property, lot, interior and exterior. The inspector may find hazards like leaks, damage, areas needing repairs, incomplete remodels, unused or abandoned land, and such. The presence of any of these could affect your ability to get an insurance policy from this company. If you are worried about certain aspects of your home, you can quickly address them before your home inspection.

The Takeaway

Your home is precious for many reasons. Proper insurance is the best way to make sure it is protected. A home inspection can help you do this. It points out areas of concern. Furthermore, it helps you understand the value of your home. After an inspection, you know what to fix and what needs special protection. Taking care of your home is an amazing investment. Click HERE to generate your free home insurance quotes today!

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