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The Healthcare Industry, Health Insurance, and Coronavirus

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

According to CNN, as of March 22, the number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States has risen to 377. As a result, governors in 5 states have issued shelter-in-place type orders to keep all non-essential employees at home to reduce the spread of the virus. The residents of California, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, and New Jersey have been strongly urged into self-isolation. The governors of these states hope this will ward off escalation of the pandemic. Naturally, this has brought up a lot of issues from the healthcare system to health insurance. Do you have the best health insurance coverage to support you if you should be impacted by coronavirus?

Coronavirus and the Impact on Healthcare

We are all coping with the worry over spreading and possibly catching the coronavirus. In addition to the stress of quarantine and concern over getting sick, this outbreak has other consequences. Most significantly, this crisis has put undue burden on our healthcare industry. Hospitals are experiencing overload. You have probably heard the term “flatten the curve” tossed around lately. This was the whole basis behind the idea of quarantine. Essentially, the goal is to reduce the number of cases by helping to minimize person-to-person contact.

Protective Measures for the Healthcare Industry

Without these protective measures, the amount of cases would rise beyond the capacity of the healthcare system. At this point, the healthcare industry is already overwhelmed. The flooding of hospitals and doctors’ offices has caused healthcare workers to feel stressed and overworked. There are limited beds available. And, according to data from China, the average person who contracts coronavirus needs roughly 12 days of hospital care to recover. That means spending a lot of hospital resources on one patient alone. And, of course, this cost can add up. How would your health insurance support you in the event you contract coronavirus?

Healthcare Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Beyond this, there is great concern over what might happen if more high-risk individuals

catch the virus, necessitating even more in-depth care. There is also apprehension about healthcare workers falling ill with the virus. Of course, a shortage of professionals to care for the sick could definitely create a crisis in areas with high instances of the coronavirus. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has continued to remind people of the importance of social distancing. At this time, New York state has at least 15,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Out of those cases, a little over half are affecting people between the ages of 18 and 49. Although it is likely that these individuals are in better health since they are not in a high-risk group, there are many variables to consider.

Thinking About Your Health

Over and above this, people who have been lucky to avoid catching the coronavirus so far still have health concerns. For those who have other chronic health conditions, there is now anxiety around seeking treatment. Of course, venturing into hospitals and other treatment centers could mean risking exposure. It is understandable that people who need care are worried about access and timely treatment. This is a legitimate fear, given how overrun the healthcare industry is at present. They wonder if the staffing and resources needed will be available to them.

Coronavirus and Your Health Insurance

This is where health insurance comes into play. Americans begin wondering about monthly payments versus their deductible. They start to think about what options they have within their network and how that affects the availability of quality care. Is your insurance coverage still the best fit for you and your family under the circumstances of our new normal? It is important to look into the options and see if there might be a better option to better suit your needs. There is nothing more comforting than having that peace of mind in uncertain times. Let Insuravita help by providing health insurance quotes today.

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