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Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance in Quarantine

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

You used to be out roaming the open road. Now your motorcycle is in the garage while you practice social distancing. Over the past few months, the nation has changed drastically. The majority of cities and states are on a restricted quarantine. The lock down is an effort to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus. People are staying inside their homes, avoiding crowds, eating takeout, and staying off the road more. The Coronavirus has brought many changes, many of which were unforeseen and continue to cause hardships. Now more than ever it is important to be clever about ways to save money. There are several financial burdens that people are facing all over the nation. Read on to learn about how you can save money on motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance

Over 13 million people ride and own a motorcycle in the United States. Motorcycles are often chosen over cars for their price and convenience. A new motorcycle costs anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 nearly a third of the cost of a new car. However, we do know the extra costs associated with motorcycles can be larger due to the risk of operating a motorcycle. A typical motorcycle insurance policy will cover any damages from collisions and the routine repairs and parts due to an accident. Having motorcycle insurance is an absolute necessity and something that you cannot afford to go without, even during Quarantine. So how can you save money during the quarantine to afford more necessities?

Save Money

With several people suffering from loss of work and financial uncertainty during this challenging time. Insurance companies are working to support their loyal customers and make sure that they have access to their essential services and policies. Some insurance providers are offering a 15% credit to motorcycle policies. This provides people the opportunity to save money when you need it most. The best part of these relief programs is the convenience, policyholders do not need to take action to receive savings. Check with your provider to see what savings are available

Stay Safe

While you are practicing social distancing and staying in quarantine there are several ways to make sure that you stay safe. These difficult times have affected everyone in some way. Yes, there are less cars on the road but motorcycle accidents are still common and more dangerous. Make sure that when you are riding your motorcycle you have full insurance coverage and you drive carefully. Our goal at Insuravita is to make sure that you stay safe and have access to your insurance options as you need them.

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