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Risky Roadways: Protect Yourself with Commercial Auto Insurance

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. It is literally the driving force of our industry. Especially now in a post-pandemic world, we are shipping and delivering more than ever. Many people rely on the safe, expedient delivery of goods. For those who are fulfilling these orders, their livelihood is out on the roads. Companies rely on the safety of their drivers and the vehicles they are in. If something should go wrong, they are then liable for damages, lost goods, delays to customers, and the safety of the others on the road. Therefore, operating a business with commercial vehicles involves a lot of risk. That is why it is so critical that business owners have the proper protection of commercial auto insurance.

It is easy to think that everything will be okay, but that will not protect us if things go badly. If you search accidents involving commercial vehicles like semi-trucks, for example, there are a lot of instances of things going wrong. The roads can be a very dangerous place, especially in large, heavy vehicles carrying cargo. Even when drivers are well-trained, experienced, and safe, there are so many elements outside of their control. This involves weather conditions, other drivers, and unforeseen circumstances. As employers, we can provide our drivers with training, supplies, and vehicles, but we cannot prepare them for everything they will experience out on the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are nearly 40,000 casualties resulting from car accidents every year (Insurance Information Institute). In addition to the human cost of risky roadways, there are a lot of liabilities associated with potential property damage or damage to vehicles. The best thing that you can do is to purchase commercial auto insurance that protects your employees, assets, and your business. Without commercial auto insurance, a small accident could be the end of your company. Make sure to protect your livelihood. Let Insuravita help you compare quotes today! Click HERE to get started.

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