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Purchasing Life Insurance During a Health Crisis

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

There are several things to consider during a global health pandemic. Sometimes the increased messaging can create more fear and lack of understanding than we would like. Our world has never seemed this uncertain. That is why preparing for the unknown through purchasing life insurance will bring us all peace of mind during these difficult times. Purchasing life insurance has become more popular over the last few months as people begin to realize the importance of their health and the security of their family’s future.

There are a lot of factors in today’s world that are changing the way that people are choosing life insurance. Now they are focusing on purchasing a policy that covers their specific needs. Read on to learn about how you should begin this important process during a health crisis.

Coronavirus Impact

Purchasing life insurance is crucial these days. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way that we are all living our lives. There have been 1.54 million confirmed Coronavirus cases in the United States alone. This virus has also claimed the lives of roughly 90,000 people so far. While these numbers are daunting and can be overwhelming, the number of lives affected is far greater than 90,000. This number means that there are 90,00 families and groups of friends that are mourning the loss of a loved one. They are also dealing with the aftermath of their passing. Life insurance supports a family after a loved one’s untimely passing. It provides critical support with unforeseen costs of funeral services. The Coronavirus has claimed more lives than anyone initially anticipated. Preparedness is just another way to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Premiums in a Pandemic

If you have been researching health insurance and looking into purchasing life insurnce, you may have noticed that some premiums have increased in this pandemic. During a global health pandemic, there are groups of people that are more at risk. The majority of these people have already invested in life insurance to cover their pre-existing conditions before being diagnosed with Covid-19. Due to the increase of life insurance claims, insurance companies are having to increase their premiums to maintain their business. They have to find ways to be able to support all of their policyholders. When purchasing life insurance, consider all potential risks that you or a family member may be more susceptible to. Make sure to shop around on the Insuravita website to secure the best coverage for you.

Purchasing Life Insurance

Many people think they won’t need life insurance, because they are healthy. Of course, we are all healthy until we are not. If you are at a higher risk, it’s critical to be proactive. It will be too late once you have Covid-19. The best action is to buy a policy when you are healthy, before a health crisis. Life Insurance policies are still being approved for those that have not had Coronavirus and are not currently suffering from Covid-19. If you currently have life insurance, make sure that you review your policy to see what illnesses are covered. For example, accidental death policies do not cover the Coronavirus pandemic. Some life insurance companies are also not covering untimely deaths due to respiratory diseases or the Coronavirus. These are important things to look into when purchasing life insurance.

Types of Life Insurance

During the pandemic, you are able to purchase several different types of life insurance to fit your needs. Now is the time to be proactive about your life insurance.

Term Life Insurance: This type of policy is more common now due to the increased risk during a pandemic. People are becoming more fearful of potential health risks. Thus, they look into getting short term life insurance policies to protect themselves and their family during an uncertain time.

No Exam Life Insurance: As we know, social distancing rules have limited our ability to see doctors and get health exams. Some of these life insurance companies may be waiving their need to have immediate exams before approving policies. Make sure to research your current provider or use the Insuravita website to find the best match for your needs.

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