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Pet Preparedness, Are You up to the Challenge?

For decades it has been proven that owning a pet can increase happiness and decrease stress. We turn to our furry friends for emotional support, a listening ear and a constant companion. Of course, this has been all measured during regular times. But as we all know 2020 has been anything but regular. The coronavirus pandemic has brought people to new levels of stress and uncertainty than ever before. With this added anxiety and stress we have seen an increase in pet purchases and adoptions. People arguably have more time at home, if they are working from home, which provides the perfect time to raise a puppy or kitten. However, some people may have failed to consider life post pandemic and all of the costs and commitments that come with pet ownership

Pet Ownership, the good, the bad, the ugly

Some shelters in the Los Angeles area saw a 60% increase in pet adoptions in just weeks. With this increase occurring so quickly, the center for the Prevention of Animal Abuse is predicting an increase in pet abandonment when life returns to normal. So what would cause this abandonment of these new pets? If they provide such mental health benefits what could be the problem? Owning a pet is so much more than providing shelter, food and water. Being a pet owner requires a consistent commitment to the animal’s health and care. Purchasing a new puppy requires regular and costly visits to the veterinarian for vaccinations and booster shots. Additionally puppies require around the clock care and attention from potty training to behavioral training. Some people may even be thinking about adding a new furry member to the family at Christmas time. But if you are making this purchase don’t forget to buy your new pet an insurance policy!

How can Insurance Help?

While pet ownership can feel like a huge commitment at first there are so many ways that you can manage the new addition to your family. Purchasing pet insurance is just one of the many ways. Preparing for the unknown is something that we never fail to do for ourselves with health insurance and life insurance, so what about our pets? Purchasing a pet insurance policy can come with benefits in the early days of pet ownership from health starter programs to potential savings in the future and the increased health care accessibility for your pet. Your pet insurance policy can cover the majority of your health concerns aside from the initial vaccinations and care. Pet Insurance will cover any accidents or emergency pet health care needs in the future. These costs of emergency visits, surgeries etc can be higher than most people are prepared to pay.

So if you are looking to purchase or adopt an animal this year/ season make sure that you are ready for the commitment that comes with them. We want all the furry friends to have safe, happy and healthy homes. So do your part and purchase pet insurance using Insuravita to secure the future health of your new best friend.

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