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Pet insurance is more essential than ever

Now that we have officially said goodbye to 2020 people are starting to realize that the covid situation that we are currently experiencing does not seem to be letting up. Due to the continued lockdown restrictions and work from home regulations for thousands of companies across the nation, people are struggling to cope with the lack of socialization. A common resolution for this feeling has been to bring in a new companion to the home, especially while owners are spending the majority of their work lives and personal lives at home. Nearly 35.7 million Americans live alone, which is about 28% of the total population. Imagine going through a national lockdown and facing a health crisis without a companion. This mental impact has led to the increase of pet adoptions and ownership within the last 9 months.

The average pet owner will spend anywhere from $500- $2,000 a year on pet expenses and veterinary bills. As we all know, pets become just as important to people as their own family. In a survey done in 2019, 62% of millennials said that they would put the health of their pet above their own. This kind of mentality has become even stronger since this survey was taken. People all across the U.S. are adopting animals and are unaware of the potential risks and costs that they may face when the world opens back up. Some of the costs that may change for these pet owners would be daycare and health. Animals that are left home alone all day can develop health and behavioral issues from lack of care, companionship and training. In a similar study on pet owner behaviors it was found that a record low amount of people actually invest in training their dogs. A theory for this may be, precovid, Americans were spending more time at work and had less time to train their dogs. Once things go back to normal the home trained or untrained pets may cause damage to homes, themselves adn cost more money.

So how can pet insurance help you and your new companion face these financial struggles? Pet insurance is one of the most essential items to check off your list as a new pet owner. There are several health concerns when your animal is young, getting vaccines, allergies, food reactions, being exposed to other animals and other potential health risks. Something as simple as walking the animal in your neighborhood before they are vaccinated could result in the animal contracting a fatal disease. Now more than ever people are concerned about the health of themselves and their animals. It is essential to purchase pet insurance and research the potential options before you welcome a pet home.

More often than not, people are unaware of the financial burden that can come from purchasing an animal. To avoid having to put a pet up for adoption or surrendering it to a shelter make sure to prepare yourself for the unknown. Recently a friend of mine started a gofundme page to support her new puppy that was sold to her with canine parvovirus. This disease is often treatable but costly and can result in death if left untreated. Breeders, adoptions center, puppy mills etc. can sell animals with pre-existing illnesses knowingly and unknowingly. Make sure to ask the appropriate questions when purchasing an animal and have your pet insurance policy ready to go. Check out Insuravita for all the top policies for your pet owner needs.

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