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Pet Insurance: Adopt, Don’t Shop This Summer

Over the past year, there has been a large increase in pet ownership in the United States. While many were previously spending their days working outside the home and on the road, they found themselves too busy to care for a pet. The shift to working from home opened up opportunities. Pet ownership has always been popular with the majority of homes on average having 1-3 pets. However, during the Coronavirus pandemic, the percentage of households with pets increased by 10% according to the Insurance Information Institute. That means that over 80 million people own pets in the United States. Owning a pet can increase your happiness and has been known to help people with depression and anxiety. This makes even more sense looking back at the last year and the events that have caused people unprecedented stress.

Becoming a Pet Owner

So how are these pet owners doing now? As we have explained in previous articles, owning a pet can be costly and often comes with hidden expenses that far too many owners do not prepare for. Purchasing a pet insurance policy can save pet owners from having to pay unexpected costs as well as protecting the animal. Unfortunately, many pet owners around the United States attempt to make the pet ownership process cheap and insurance seems like the first thing that could be cut out of the budget. However, experts at the ASPCA say that they had an influx of pets found on the streets or dropped off at their shelters when the shelter in place orders began to close. This sad turn of events can be blamed on the lack of education provided to first time pet owners. The best thing we can do as pet owners is to purchase an insurance policy, which will protect us financially and protect the pet from any unforeseen illness or accidents.

Thinking About Becoming a Pet Owner?

If you are considering purchasing a pet this summer, there are a few things to think about. For starters, there will be an increase of animals needing rescuing; every year the adoption need increases. On average, pets remain in shelters for as short as 48 hours to 7 days. After the 7 day mark, it becomes difficult for the shelter to care for the animal based on their capacity. In some cases, these animals will be euthanized to avoid any further displacement, illness or suffering on the animals’ behalf. You have the power to save an animal and make the rest of their days full of love and happiness. So how should you prepare for your new pet? The best pet owners are prepared and educated in animal health and needs before picking up their new furry friend.

Adopting a Pet

A lot of animals that are rescued can be exposed to more diseases than others. Some of these diseases can be chronic and costly for pet owners. Your pet insurance policy is the best way to make sure that you can take care of the pet that you are bringing into your family. Some additional things that your pet insurance policy can cover are alternative therapies, medications, procedures or surgeries if your dog has any chronic disease. These costs can reach over $5,000, a price that is uncomfortable for most pet owners. So this summer, if you are looking to get a new pet make sure to consider adoption over shopping. Take the best steps towards pet ownership by utilizing Insuravita to purchase a pet insurance policy to ensure a happy life for you and your new pet.

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