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Motorcycle Insurance After the Pandemic

Last year, we saw a huge sales jump in motorcycles. It may have made you think that it was the peak purchasing time, well think again. Year over year from June 2020 to June 2021 Motorcycle sales are up a whopping 37%, according to RideApart. People might have been ready to finally take the plunge and treat themselves to a fun new ride. Or it might have been an option for people who were on the road less and did not have to consider safety as much. Whatever the reason, there are a lot more motorcycle riders on the roads every day.

There are a lot of different options when looking to purchase a motorcycle especially when it comes to utility and design. Some people purchase motorcycles for more practical reasons like shortening a commute or saving space and gas. Others are buying them for weekend road trips, sport, fun and showing them off. You may be thinking, why does that matter? A motorcycle is a motorcycle, regardless of how you use it. Well according to most insurance companies, the style, year, make, model and purpose make a world of difference.

Buying a Motorcycle

If you are buying any motorcycle, you absolutely have to purchase a motorcycle insurance policy. If you are a first time motorcycle buyer or rider, make sure you take a look at our previous article to make sure you take the proper safety precautions. While they are fun and convenient, they are rather dangerous and cause the majority of accidents on freeways and highways. We have all seen lane splitting get too close for comfort. So if you are getting your motorcycle for show and sport and do not plan on riding it as often as you drive your car, then your mileage may determine your risk factor. Just as it does without cars, your insurance company will assess how far you are riding your motorcycle and adjust your level of risk.

Motorcycle Insurance Policy Specifics

Motorcycles, while more affordable than a car, are an important investment to consider. Purchasing a used motorcycle is affordable from the start, but may be more difficult to service and repair should you get into an accident. Sometimes, purchasing the more expensive motorcycle is easier to insure as well as repair. Parts for motorcycles are in high demand and even more difficult to get with the sales boom. Make sure that you are aware of all previous damage or replacement work done to your motorcycle before you make a purchase. Some people prefer to own multiple motorcycles, some for fun and some for practicality. If you decide that you want to collect motorcycles, your insurance may actually be able to help you. If you own more than one motorcycle, your insurance company may allow you to bundle the policies. If you are ready to make your motorcycle purchase, make sure that you use insuravita to help guide you through the insurance process. While riding a motorcycle is a thrill of a lifetime, we want to make sure that your insurance has the coverage of a lifetime! Don’t hit the streets unprepared.

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