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Life Insurance After “I Do”

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

You have made a huge decision and chosen to spend your life with someone. The journey has just begun and so many changes are coming your way. You have completely intertwined your hopes and dreams with that one person who can help make them come true. There are so many things to think about and plan as your journey begins. And there is one thing that so many people overlook: life insurance. It does not matter how young and healthy you might be. The moment that you commit your life to someone, you both immediately assume more risk. As horrible as it is to think about, you can now lose that person and they can lose you. Therefore, life insurance protects the future for both of you and helps you to feel more at ease as you embark on building a life together.

Life Insurance is Crucial at Any Age

Life is a series of choices: where we live, where we work, where we vacation, what we drive, what we wear, our hair color, and the list goes on and on. Out of all the things in life, there is one thing we usually have no control over: when we die. Whether young or old, we will never know when that time is our time. Illness and accidents as well as natural disasters can come when we least expect and take all those hopes and dreams with it.

Importance of Life Insurance

It is challenging to think about your partner living on after you. Still, thinking about it and planning for the worst helps to make sure they will be safe and secure. It is your responsibility as their partner to think about the world you leave behind for the one you love. You want them to have financial strength to get through the process of healing and rebuilding the world in a new vision without you.

What to Consider When Choosing a Plan

So many things have to be considered when you are looking into life insurance so that you know you have covered those you leave behind. These are a few to look into:

  1. The younger you are, the better the rates that you will get for the coverage.

  2. The healthier you are, the better coverage you can get.

  3. Make sure to figure in your assets. They will likely be gone without your income.

  4. Both spouses should have insurance, no matter if they are working or not. If one spouse ends up staying home, you have the cost of replacing that spouse in the duties that they provide like raising children or housekeeping, etc.

  5. Add up your monthly bills (rent or mortgage, car payments, power and water bills, gardening, groceries, school, credit cards, all bills) then multiply by 12 months and then multiply by 10 for 10 years. Then take your salary and multiply by 10. The higher value is the one that you should insure for.

  6. If you have children, consider the future you want for those children and make sure that your insurance will help to provide that without your spouse having to uproot their lives.

Get Quotes Today

You are not alone in this hard decision; we all face it and go to the pros for guidance to make sure that we do the best that we can. Let Insuravita be there for you. It’s never too late to get covered and it’s never too soon to act. Do not set up your loved ones to be afraid, vulnerable, and hopeless when you have the power to control that at least. Click HERE to get started.

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