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Hug Your Way to Health & Insurance Costs

There are so many small things that you can do to improve your health. Some of them are easier than others. Standing for five minutes in every hour while working can feel tiresome and hard to remember. Hydrating throughout the day can be difficult when you're busy. Exercising does not always feel enjoyable and it is hard to find the time. What if there was something small that you could do that is good for you, is enjoyable, and takes very little time and effort? That’s right; you can hug your way to health!

Health Benefits of Hugs

You probably didn’t know that hugs are actually good for your health. In fact, they have multiple health benefits including:

  • Lower blood pressure & heart rate

  • Boosted immune system

  • Decreased stress levels

  • Improves sleep

Sharing a hug lowers our stress hormone, cortisol. Hugs cultivate feelings of belonging, self-esteem, and safety. Hugs also increase our oxytocin, which is a hormone responsible for feelings of connection, closeness, and love. Through this effect, hugs can even bolster our interpersonal relationships. Also, as reported by Greater Good Magazine, “research even suggests that cuddling in bed could protect us against the common cold”. This all means it benefits your long-term health to get more hugs!

Adding Hugs into Your Day

How long the hug lasts is also important. Ideally, 20 seconds or more help you to reap all of the health benefits. How many hugs do we need? Probably more than you would think. According to Forbes, “Virginia Satir, a world-renowned family therapist” popularized the idea that we need 4 hugs to survive and, ideally, 12 hugs to thrive. Hugging is an easy and pleasurable way to benefit your wellness. It’s a simple way to reduce your risk of illness and stress while boosting your cardiovascular health.

Get Hugging!

So, what next? Well, it’s important to identify friends and family members in your life who are open to being your hug partners. Start out with a hug in the morning. If you’re with friends and family, take intermittent hug breaks and use that time to ask them how they’re doing. If you’re at work, the hug might have to wait until you get home. If you’re with your partner, spend your time cuddling up on the couch. What if you don’t have a partner or live alone? Well, there’s good news: hugging a pet has the same health benefits. So, cuddle up next to your cat or dog or acquire a furry friend if you don’t have one yet.

Incorporating hugs is just one of many things you can do to improve your health and lower your health care costs. Check out Insuravita for more health tips and even compare insurance quotes.

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