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Pet Insurance to the Rescue: Responsible Dog Ownership

To Pet or Not to Pet? That is the Question. For me, life would not be complete without my furry friends. They are an extension of my family to love, cuddle, and add joy to my life. For me, dogs are number 1 and 36.5 million families in the US agree. With 1.7 dogs per household in America, that makes 78 million dogs! I actually have two dogs myself. The runner up is the ever popular cat with 30 million homes choosing them to love. But owning a pet and being a responsible pet owner means that you have to dedicate time and money to the care and nurture of your precious bundle. So there is a lot to consider before you make that big investment. If your dogs are your personal choice, read on for details.

Purchasing a puppy can run $1500 to $3000, depending on the breed. Popularity of the breed will drive up the price. The most popular dog breeds are:

Mutts- or two or more breeds in a dog, not a pure breed. That would mean every doodle that is out there as well as all mixed breeds.

Golden Retrievers- These are amazingly beautiful dogs inside and out. They range from 65-85 pounds and love to be loved. They will cuddle even though they are large and they are great for every member of the family.

Labrador retrievers- These incredible breeds are warm and loving and great for all. They are large as well with the range of 65-85 pounds.

Poodles- ranging in size these smart, soft and cuddly friends are fit for everyone. They will be a great companion for all.

Rounding out our top five we have the Vizsla. Again we have a large intelligent and loving companion for all to enjoy.

So these may be the most popular breeds for a variety of reasons, but you have to consider what fits you. Your family and your lifestyle are major considerations before you can make that perfect connection. Things to consider are:

  1. Do you have the time and the will to raise a puppy?

  2. Do you have the money to care for an animal? Annual costs of care are from $1700 to $3500. This would be for food, toys, grooming, bedding, crate, bowls, flea meds, pet shampoo, etc. For the life of your animal, with the life estimate of 12 years, that can be 43,000 dollars.

  3. Consider your activity level. How much time do you want to spend actively with your dog?

  4. Consider the space you have to offer. If you live in an apartment and work all day, then a Golden Retriever may not be a smart dog for you to have.

  5. Consider the grooming needs. These costs can be high.

  6. And do not forget those VET BILLS that can be thousands of dollars yearly depending on the pet’s needs.

Pet Insurance

After you select the right dog for you and welcome them into your family, you prepare your home with everything they need to thrive. Then you want to look for the all-important pet insurance. The right pet insurance will cover 90% of vet costs that include: wellness, illness, injury, dental cleanings, vaccinations and neuter/spay for your pet. The monthly cost will range from usually $19 to $35. Do your research and see what they cover and how much they cover so that you are getting the be

st protection for your fur baby.

Insurance for pets is much like insurance for adults. We are looking to cover the big things that can cost $10,000 and also get help with the standard things. It is meant to provide that all important safety net for your furry friends. Remember that the sooner you get a policy, the better the coverage overall. Any pre-existing conditions are not covered, so keep that in mind. Be proactive and use Insuravita to look into it today. Click HERE to compare quotes!

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