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Does car color impact auto insurance rates?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Seeing Red: Auto Insurance and Car Color

Do your auto insurance rates have you seeing red? It can be frustrating to pay so much in monthly premiums to guard against something that may never happen. Unfortunately, having auto insurance coverage is the law. However, it is also a very wise choice, considering how the frequency of car accidents. Still, there is no reason you should be paying high fees. Doing your research and comparing quotes for free online can help to secure you the most affordable rate for the best coverage.

Do Insurance Companies Consider Color?

One thing that many people wonder about when purchasing cars and insurance coverage is whether car color has any impact. Esurance dispels this as a myth. They explain that insurance companies do not consider the color of your car when calculating premiums. Along with your driving record, they focus on year, make, model, and age of your car. So, car color may not matter directly, but size does.

Does Car Color Affect Auto Insurance Rates?

Although no studies have been able to prove or disprove the idea that car color affects safety, many people believe it has an impact. In fact, car color might influence your auto insurance rates, but in a more indirect way. For example, cars of a certain color are more likely to get pulled over. According to an article posted on the National Motorists Association website, a study showed that the color of cars pulled over the most was white. Red actually was high up on the list, coming in second. It was followed by gray and silver. Getting pulled over more frequently might mean more tickets, and, hence, higher auto insurance rates.

In addition, car color might make certain cars easier to see and, therefore, less vulnerable to being hit. One can imagine that black cars are in more danger at night. White cars being easier to see can protect them in this situation. There are many ways that the human response to color can affect how drivers and police offer react to certain cars. Canary yellow, fire engine red, and cobalt blue can attract unwanted attention. Still, your insurance company does not let that speculation affect your monthly rates. 

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, having a red car should not send your insurance rates through the sunroof so to speak. However, it is still something you might want to consider when buying a car and securing insurance. There is a chance you will be more noticeable on the road. You could be pulled over more than neutral colored cars.

On the other hand, your car will be more visible to other drivers. This can help you to avoid accidents. So, there are pluses and minuses. The most important thing is not the color of your car but the way you drive it. Being a safe driver can make up for the side effects of a flashy or dull car color.

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