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Data Security Is Not Optional

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Data Security is at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to sharing one’s identity and general information online.  There are many levels of security, but, first and foremost, it’s important to look for industry standards.


First of all, SSL is a base level of the URL and site’s general setup.  For example, today you will see HTTP and HTTPS.  Basically, if you are entering your personal information on any website, make sure they are an HTTPS site.  You will see this in their URL in your web browser.  SSL provides you with a higher level of protection and data encryption over standard HTTP.


McAfee is a California based industry security firm.  Essentially, they offer many services and solutions to protect a website’s data security and integrity.  Remember, sites with McAfee should be displaying their Trademark somewhere on each page.  Every form you fill out should be showing the McAfee logo and you should be able to see it clearly.

Thus, as you consider the needs of your site for publishing, look at the ecosystem that evolves around your business and your clients’ needs.  

Publishing a site that incorporates the latest security protection is a base level investment. Ultimately, this will define how your site protects you and your clients’ personal information.  Of course, while we can do a lot of things to protect an investment like a publishing site, we have to continue to monitor threats. Luckily, the solutions are constantly improving.

In conclusion, these two examples tell you that the publisher of the site you are on took proper precautions to protect your data.

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