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Covid-19 and Life Insurance

This year has taught us all about what truly matters. Our lives are very fragile and worth so much to so many. It is hard to conceptualize how much of an impact you have on your friends and your family. Most of us only think about our life being fragile when faced with tragedy or illness. Furthermore, we have never experienced life in a global pandemic, which means that there is a constant threat of illness and uncertainty. With this state o

f the world extending past what the majority of people thought was a possible timeline, there is more interest in health and life preparedness for families and individuals.

Life Insurance and COVID

So how do you know if your current life insurance policy would cover complications with COVID-19 and possible unforeseen death? The short answer is that if your current life insurance policy is in good standing then you will have coverage should anything happen to you during the pandemic related to COVID-19. Life insurance policies are essential at any point in your life regardless of the current state of global health. We often tend to ignore the idea of health risks and potential loss of life when we are younger. But COVID-19 has shown us that viruses do not discriminate based on age.

Don’t Have Life Insurance Yet?

What should you do if you are now considering purchasing life insurance due to the pandemic? There has been an increase in interest in purchasing life insurance in the United States since the pandemic began. You can purchase a life insurance plan during the pandemic, but there are several things to consider when looking to purchase. Insurance companies have dealt with an increase in claims and policies this year. In order to secure a health insurance plan, the company may inquire a few things about your health and activities. Some of these inquiries may include:

  • Your travel history and patterns

  • Your living situation

  • Your risk of exposure

  • Your health history

  • Your age

  • Potential medical exam

Being Safe During COVID-19

Although all of the questions above are commonly asked by insurance companies, it is not always a guarantee that they will be covered. With that being said, it is important to always practice safe pandemic protocol. This will decrease your risk of contracting the virus. A lot of the above questions are key insights into what are considered risk factors. Age and pre-existing conditions are often considered risk factors for regular consideration, but especially so amidst a pandemic. False information in initial exams and policy consideration will be taken into account should a coronavirus death occur.

What About Long-Term Care Coverage?

There should be little to no risk when considering long term care coverage. Current policies will not be affected for the majority of insurance companies. Remember that there are several different types of life insurance that will allow proper coverage that could be crucial during a pandemic.

If you are concerned about your health or a family member’s status with their life insurance provider, make sure to reach out. They are there to help you navigate difficult times. Take a look into your policy and make sure that you are prepared for any and all circumstances should the pandemic affect your life. Insuravita can help you navigate the purchase of a new life insurance policy if you do not have proper coverage. Click HERE to get quotes now.

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