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Common Mistakes Buying Small Business Insurance

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

There are several things to consider when beginning a small business. One of the most important is your insurance options and choosing a policy immediately. Most business owners are concerned with saving money and not creating too many overhead costs to begin with. In some industries, this can work, but for most, insurance is an absolute necessity from the start. This can be an overwhelming process, especially when you are considering what industry you are working within and the regulations that must be followed. This article will focus mainly on what common mistakes small business owners make when purchasing and researching insurance policies.

The Starting Point

One of the biggest concerns for small businesses is getting coverage that is cost-effective. Unfortunately, it is a lot easier these days to purchase an insurance policy online without having to do much research. The best way to find a policy is through Insuravita. We are able to provide you information about the best policies that provide cost-effective and accurate coverage for your small business. Make sure that you utilize our articles and expertise to effectively choose your policy type. It is even easier to get a quote at This will allow you to find the best policy for you and your specific needs.

Liability Insurance

If your business has an LLC, Inc. or Corp. attached, it is best to purchase a policy incorporating liability coverage or even a separate liability policy. This will stop any possible lawsuits or legal issues with your company and save you money in the long run. A smart way to do this is by joining an insurance group for professionals in the trade. Another common mistake that a lot of small business owners make when first starting out is relying on their home policy to cover their business needs. Most commonly, small business operations start with a home office and therefore register their home as their place of business. This requires two different policies to make sure you are covered for multiple accidents. In case someone comes by the home in relation to the business and happens to have an accident, the business would not be liable.

Life Insurance

Another mistake to avoid is choosing a policy without putting in enough research. Make sure that you take the time and compare quotes, or use a tool like Insuravita to compare your options for you. Another big mistake when owning a small business is not purchasing life insurance along with business insurance. When you own a small business you are the most important person to the success of the business. Purchasing a life insurance policy is even easier with Insuravita, and the most responsible thing to do as a business owner.

The Takeaway

Lastly, make sure that you have loss of income coverage. Often times, small business owners fail to purchase these policies thinking that it won’t ever happen. There could be a period of time where your business is not bringing in any money and this type of insurance would help you maintain your income. Follow these suggestions and use Insuravita to make sure you have all the information you need to purchase the best small business insurance policy for you.

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