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Car Insurance Renewals and Rates

When it comes to bills and keeping things organized, things can get pretty out of hand. The average person is no longer opening paper mail. The reason being that we do not even have enough time in our days to sit and open then read all of the mail. To this point most bills and important information is stored under a secure login and connected to a reminder email or auto setup of some sort. Well even though it may seem like you have enough reminders on your calendar already, we have another one that will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Car owners make the mistake of not renewing their car insurance policy in a timely fashion every day. While this may seem harmless it can actually affect your monthly rate. Read on to learn more.

Insurance renewals are more than just paying the fee and moving on. They actually come with a detailed packet of information from your insurance provider that helps you to understand your rates, how you can save and any new insurance regulations that may impact you as a car owner. Every state has different time frames that they will send out renewals so make sure to make a note of your renewal date as soon as you purchase your car insurance policy. Renewals are really important because as you know life is ever changing and so are your car insurance needs. The typical car insurance policy will be valid for 6 months to 1 year on average. Within that timeframe a lot can change. Some of the things that may change during a renewal time frame are, accidents, purchasing new cars, purchasing a bundle option, having children, driving longer distances or driving much less than you currently are. All of these changes can affect your coverage and in turn, your rates. Within the 6-12 months that your car insurance policy is active the last 21 to 30 days of your policy are typically when rates are at their cheapest, by renewing your policy early you could save yourself some money on your monthly rate.

Being aware of your renewal is essential and having money set aside for potential rate changes will be crucial as well. Insurance companies will penalize you if there happens to be any gap within your insurance coverage. So here are some tips to make sure you stay on track and are ready for the renewal process. Make a note of when your term is ending and keep note of any changes that could potentially help your rate at a renewal. Ask your car insurance provider about ways to save upon renewal. Several Insurance companies will offer a 1 year safe driver discount, a 6 month accident free reward, a bundle and save option and sometimes even add a driver and save. So if you are welcoming a new teenage driver or have been driving safely be ready to inquire about your options. Being informed and asking questions will only ever benefit you when it comes to car insurance.

Because it is absolutely essential to have car insurance if you are driving a lot of car insurance companies will automatically renew your policy. So reaching out before this time frame has come and gone will help you to make any necessary adjustments. Most car insurance companies will give you a 30 day notice even if they automatically renew your policy. Let this be your queue to take note of your odometer, good student opportunities, and even look at your driving record to see if previous accidents or errors have fallen off your record. These changes are usually accounted for but sometimes things are overlooked if you are not proactive. At insuravita we believe that insurance should not feel so confusing and overwhelming. Taking a longer look at your policy and asking your questions early and in an informed way can help you save money every year.

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