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Auto Insurance and Weather: Lessons from the Texas Storm

Over the past two weeks, Texans have been experiencing extreme weather conditions. This storm has impacted day to day life from access to clean water to food and power. During emergency situations, people are left to rely on the foundation of preparedness they set before the storm.

Heavy snowfall and freezing weather conditions have lasted longer than anyone could have predicted or prepared for, especially in a state that does not have the infrastructure to handle such conditions. States that generally expect freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall have organized roadway systems, snow plow schedules, and a community commitment to weather preparedness and assistance should anyone need additional help. We take some of the most common daily activities for granted and only realize this when situations like this occur, like driving a car.

Risks: Highway Pile Up in Texas

The state of Texas saw one of its largest car accident pile ups during the snowstorm in February 2021. More than one hundred cars slid and spun out of control on a highway that was covered in snow and ice. While car insurance cannot stop instances like this from happening, it can stop the stress of the aftermath that includes financially paying for the damages. Many of us are at risk of becoming part of such accidents when we get on the road, especially during winter months. Even in an area where this was not expected, extreme weather ended up causing severe damage to drivers.

The Importance of Auto Insurance

We all know that the most essential step when purchasing a vehicle is making sure you have insurance. There are so many factors that go into owning a car that can impact you financially in the future. With regular road and weather conditions there are still over 5 million automobile accidents and crashes in a year. We often think of cars as such a routine way of getting from A to B but it is definitely not the safest option. When getting behind the wheel of a car you have to take all environmental surroundings into consideration.

Recently, in Texas, the road conditions have caused an increased amount of auto insurance claims due to car accidents (single car and multiple car pile ups). Icy roads, snow fall, black ice and decreased visibility mean that every driver on the road is at risk. Insurance companies recommend purchasing a policy that has liability coverage. This means that you and your vehicle are protected should any accident cause bodily injury or damage to your property.

The Takeaway

Unforeseen events, such as the storm in Texas, remind us of just how fragile our lives are. The smallest interruption in our day to day operations and situations can become dangerous quickly. If you have been involved in a car accident recently then you know the struggle of gathering information and worrying about coverage from your insurance. Do not make the same mistake twice. Leaders in the car insurance industry recommend that you have a copy of your insurance and your policy in your vehicle and in your wallet in case of emergency or if you are driving a rental car, etc.

We have seen what can happen when extreme weather conditions make driving a challenge and the only way to refill on necessities. Make sure you are safe and prepared to drive in severe weather before you drive your vehicle. Evaluate your current car insurance policy and if you are without a car insurance policy, use Inusravitat to find one that covers all of your needs.

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