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5 Steps to Finding a Kid-Friendly Rental

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Are you on the hunt for a kid-friendly rental? When your family is renting, it can be hard to find a space that accommodates your child’s needs. Whether you’re searching for an apartment, condo, or single-family home for rent, getting renter’s insurance through Insuravita is a must! In the meantime, these tips will walk you through the rental search process step-by-step, from looking at online listings to managing your move.

Find Kid-Friendly Neighborhoods

First, it’s important to seek out safe neighborhoods where your family will have access to the amenities they need. How can you spot a family-friendly neighborhood? You’ll want to start by researching good school districts in your area. Next, Care recommends driving or walking through promising neighborhoods and looking for public playgrounds, families out for a stroll, and businesses that cater to the needs of families.

Browse Online Listings

To figure out what’s available in your chosen neighborhood, you can start by turning to online rental search platforms. You may want to use a few different rental websites to get a full picture of the available listings. Before contacting any landlords to set up viewings, note the prices, addresses, and number of bathrooms and bedrooms for rentals that seem desirable. By comparing these factors, you’ll be able to figure out which rentals might be best for your family. You can also search for listings offline by walking through neighborhoods and keeping an eye out for “For Rent” signs with

contact information.

Touring Apartments

Scheduling tours of different rentals can be tough when you have your kids in tow. If you can’t find childcare, let the landlord know that you will need to bring your children with you during your tour. However, if you do plan to bring your children to a viewing, check in with the landlord to ensure that it will be safe to do so - you don’t want your toddlers to have free range in a home that hasn’t been baby-proofed. Look for features like secure stairways, a washer and dryer, and space for a playroom.

Choose a Rental Insurance Policy

Renter’s insurance will cover some of your expenses if items in your rental sustain damages that you are not at fault for. In fact, most of the time, your landlord will require you to purchase renter’s insurance. To choose the right policy, you’ll have to assess your belongings, determine what you want to cover and find a plan that provides the specific coverage you need. You can use a platform like Insuravita to compare policies and choose a great plan for your household.

Moving Day

Making it through moving day is tough enough when you’re relocating by yourself - but as a parent, the prospect is downright overwhelming. How can you make moving day easier for yourself and your children? BigSteelBox recommends talking to your child about what to expect on moving day in advance, even if they’re very young, and reassuring them that they will get to keep all of their belongings. Depending on your child’s age, you can help them pack up a special personal box with their most important belongings so that they will have access to these items immediately when you get to your new home. Before and after moving day, do your best to keep your child on the same schedule. Maintaining consistent bedtimes and nap times can help stave off tantrums and improve the mood of your entire household. Looking for a new rental when you have young children can be stressful. But with these tips, you can find a great family-friendly neighborhood, look up available rentals easily online, and lock down the rental you want! Soon, you and your family will be comfortably settled in your new rental.

Need renter’s insurance for your move? Shop for coverage through Insuravita! Browse our website today to find the right renter’s insurance policy for your family.

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