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3 things to know before buying pet insurance

As a pet owner, there is a lot of responsibility. Of course, your main priority is showering your furry friend with love. Aside from that, your greatest responsibility to your pet is their health. Owning a pet can be filled with great moments, but it also comes with a lot of unknowns and accidents. Animals, like cats and dogs, are notorious for eating things they shouldn't. We have all had those moments of frantically trying to dig something out of our pet's mouth. There are a thousand ways that they can end up accidentally hurting themselves, especially when they are always involved in mischief.

How many of us have had to call our veterinarian late at night? And don't forget all of the hours spent using Google to determine whether it's an emergency situation. Next thing we know, we are in the vet's office, handing over our credit card to save our beloved pet. Sometimes, medicines and procedures can cost much more than we can afford. To protect your financial security and the future health of your pet, it is best to purchase a pet insurance policy. So, what should you know before you purchase a policy? Read on to learn all about this!

  1. What is covered 

Are you interested in purchasing pet insurance because you have purchased an animal that is sick or has another pre-existing condition? This can be an area of issue with some policies. Your pet may not be covered for certain problems. Some policies will compare conditions as continuous/ chronic or as cured for a number of months. The majority of health issues will be covered to a certain extent by your policy carrier. Typically, things that are not covered are preventative care treatments. This includes vaccinations, spay and neuter, flea and heartworm treatments, etc. However, it would cover any unexpected needs such as allergies, injuries or unforseen illnesses. As we all know, life has no guarantees and insurance is there for those unexpected moments. 

  1. When to enroll your pet

We have covered the types of accidents and conditions that can be covered with pet insurance. Make sure to enroll your pet as soon as you are made aware that you will be adding them to your household. The earlier the better! Pet insurance has a waiting period in the beginning of the coverage where you have to wait to use benefits. It is best to enroll your pet before there are any health concerns or issues. Some insurance companies will offer a “wellness plan” for your pets as young as 8 weeks. This will often help the pet owner to cover some of the routine visits and costs of early necessities. The main lesson is to research pet insurance plans before bringing your new furry friend home!

  1. Payments and Deductibles

The main reason people purchase pet insurance is to save yourself money and make sure that your pet has access to proper and timely care. The majority of pet insurance companies will list their payout options in great length in their policies. Make sure to read up on the specifics of your policy before purchasing. If you have an animal that may need more care or has an illness, you will need a policy that does not have a low maximum payout. Each policy operates similarly to that of a human health insurance policy. This means that you will also have a deductible to meet in order to receive payouts. Some plans separate the deductibles required based on the incident that is claimed. For instance, if your pet needs surgery and has an injury in the same year, then you would have to pay a deductible for both instances. It would not matter how much you have paid for the previous incident.

Overall, make sure that you are prepared to care for your pet. You never know what might come up and you always want to be able to provide the care that they need. Once you start thinking about adding a pet to your family, start researching. Consider your options, the risks, and the kind of coverage you think you will need. Plan ahead and make an educated decision to protect your pet's health and wellbeing. After all, they are part of your family and they deserve the best.

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