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3 Benefits of Online Education

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, online education increased dramatically in popularity. Of course, in 2020 and 2021, attending school virtually was a necessity of health and safety. Now that things are opening up and in-person learning is becoming an option again, many learners are choosing to stick with the online environment.

#1 Flexibility

As reported by CNBC, Cengage CEO Michael Hansen shared that, “Clearly many, many more people have learned online this year and I think that everybody now has gotten a taste of what’s possible with online education and therefore, I do think we will see a shift in the system towards online learning and that it will continue.” One of the biggest reasons for this is the flexibility offered by online learning. This is the most convenient format for students who might be working full-time, commuting to and from work, and have demanding family responsibilities. Those things can make it challenging to physically show up to a class that might last several hours. Students cannot mult-task while in class and then get home late and exhausted. With online learning, you might have Zoom or asynchronous classes that allow you to study on your own time or fold laundry while listening to a lecture.

#2 Affordability

In addition to the flexibility offered by online learning, often those programs are more affordable. According to Forbes, a 2018 report about online learning “found that the savings for online courses ranged from … 3% to 50%...”, which is significant. They reported that a conclusion of this study was that “online college classes cost less to deliver because they are larger” and also employ teachers for a lower cost. A lot of online classes offer all electronic course materials as well, which cuts down on student expenses. In addition, going at your own pace might allow you to space out classes when you can afford them. Also, payment plans are often an option.

#3 Online Study Tools

Finally, when learning is concentrated on the online environment, colleges and universities usually provide a lot of online resources. These study tools can be a major advantage to the student. You might not be able to attend a tutoring appointment in person or have time to meet with a professor dring office hours in your buddy schedule. However, you will likely have time to upload your paper to an online writing lab to get feedback within a day or two. And you can communicate with your instructors via email at your own convenience.

Overall, we know that online learning is here to stay. It offers so many benefits that can raise your ability to earn a degree while also living a full life. Whether or not you think this might be right for you, let Insuravita connect you with some wonderful options. Click HERE to get quotes today.

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